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Welcome to bio3
biology, bioinformatics & biomedical research


Undergraduate research  experiences

Participate in a course-based undergraduate research internship where you execute an individual research project and sharpen your transferable skills. 

Career Development Workshop

Join us for a weeklong career development workshop with or without a research experience. These events are offered for Spring Break and in May every year. 

Leadership experiences

Coach your peers as they embark on their first research experiences or serve as a near-peer mentor for high school students learning about bioinformatics.


For these opportunities, Computational Biology of Emerging Infectious Disease (BSC 4450L) is a pre-req. BSC 4450L is course-based undergraduate research (CURE) lab that counts as an upper-level biology lab and is offered every semester. These projects are currently funded by the NIH until 2027 and 2028.

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