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Bioinformatics for Biologists

Introduction to bioinformatics resources, methods, and algorithms using active learning. Includes a theoretical part and a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) where students complete a group project. Each course has a new research project.


General Biochemistry

General biochemistry aims for students to learn, apply, and reason about fundamental biochemistry concept in an active learning and project-based environment.


Coronavirus Computational Biology lab course

This CURE lab is focused on elucidating insights to what molecular changes may have enabled SARS-CoV-2 prone to cause a pandemic while teaching basic bioinformatics. Students first learn using coronaviruses as a study system and then propose and perform a research study investigating how SARS-CoV-2 may differ from other coronaviruses. 


Personal Genomics & Molecular Medicine

This course covers topics and concepts related to human genomic sequence data and key information on the main biomacromolecules. With an emphasis on how mutations and structural variation in the genome may lead to disease and how drugs may target these diseases, this course provides a human centric introduction to computational biology.

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