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October 19, 2016

Avoiding regions symptomatic of conformational and functional flexibility to identify antiviral targets in current and future coronaviruses

Rahaman and Siltberg-Liberles published in GBE: Genome Biol Evol (2016)doi: 10.1093/gbe/evw246

August 13, 2016

Disorder is not conserved among tyrosine kinase paralogs

Paralog-specific Patterns of Structural Disorder and Phosphorylation in the Vertebrate SH3-SH2-Tyrosine Kinase Protein Family
Helena G. Dos Santos; Jessica Siltberg-Liberles
Genome Biology and Evolution 2016;
doi: 10.1093/gbe/evw194

May 05, 2016

Disordered sites with secondary structure are the most constrained

The Nuanced Interplay of Intrinsic Disorder and other Structural Properties Driving Protein Evolution
J. Ahrens; H. G. Dos Santos; J. Siltberg-Liberles
Molecular Biology and Evolution 2016;
doi: 10.1093/molbev/msw092

March 30, 2016

Fellowship to Janelle!

Congratulations on the fellowship, Janelle! We are very proud of you! 

March 22, 2016

p53: Guardian or Gambler of the Genome?

Our paper "Functional Diversification after Gene Duplication: Paralog Specific Regions of Structural Disorder and Phosphorylation in p53, p63, and p73" was published today in PLoS One: 

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